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Bird Watching & Historical Tour

Boat Tour Bird Watching & Historical Tour - Flamingos
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Tour description The Ria Formosa is a true sanctuary of nature and a privileged location to observe birds, by being a migratory corridor containing some of the last places in Europe for some birds to make nests. The Natural Park is visited annually by about 30 thousand birds from different species.

On this 1h30 tour we will be looking for the birds, and get to see a still ecological and sustainable salt economy - using traditional methods which are 2000 years old.

The importance of the salt pans as habitat for the aquatic birds has been recognized, as an attribute of basic importance in the conservation of rare and threatened species in the estuary.

There is still a small traditional fishing fleet and during this tour we will get to see some of the old fishing boats with their traditional colours and fishing artefacts.

Sign up for this relaxing, stimulating and educational adventure and you'll bring back photos and memories of the most beautiful landscape and wild life, that will last a lifetime!
Why take a boat tour in the Ria Formosa with us? We offer a personalised service of a local driver, with deep knowledge of the Ria Formosa.
We are a local company, support the local economy and know the area intimately, guaranteeing you the best routes, activities and seamless services.

The limited number of clients on each tour gives you the personal attention you deserve.
You will experience the Ria Formosa in a relaxed, enjoyable manner lead by experienced local drivers.

Our company is fully-licensed and accredited by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forest - ICNF and the Portuguese Tourism Board, and is covered by all the insurances and requirements demanded by the law and the good sense.
Beware of really cheap sounding tours and promises to see animals as if they were in a zoo (e.g. dolphins!), the operator may not be licensed or insured and may be operating illegally.

We prioritise responsible travel all the way, we are committed to leaving a light footprint on the places we visit and we demand the same respect from our clients.
Ria Formosa Natural Park The Ria Formosa Natural Park covers an area of around 16,000-hectares, and consists of coastal lagoons, vast areas of tidal flats, saltmarshes and saltpans that are enclosed by a belt of sand dune islands and peninsulas. It is of particular importance as a wintering area for many birds from northern Europe and as a resting and feeding station for birds migrating between Africa and Europe. Classified as Nature Reserve in the 70s, this protection status was elevated to a Natural Park in 1987. The Ria Formosa is also classified under the Ramsar Convention as a Wetland of International Importance and as a Special Protection Area under the EU Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds.

Amongst those occurring in notable numbers are Black-tailed Godwits, Ringed Plovers and Little Stints. There is also a diverse population of breeding birds that includes Little Bittern, Purple Swamp-hen, Purple Heron, Red-crested Pochard, Collared Pratincole, Kentish Plover, European Bee-eater, Red-necked Nightjar, Woodchat and Southern Grey Shrikes and Little Tern. Marsh Harriers are resident as are a small number of Booted Eagles, now a regular sight in winter. To the west is the largest area of reed beds in the Algarve, where in season, Ferruginous Duck, Purple Heron, Black-winged Kite, Penduline Tits and Black-headed Weaver can be found.
Meeting Points Boarding Pier at Tavira:
Largo Dr. José Pires Padinha

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Important Issues
SéquaTours' drivers are local certified professionals, knowledgeable and experienced, and our boats are fitted with the very latest safety equipment and fully licensed. Being local, our staff knows the lagoons as well as you know your backyard, so you can trust them to get you and your family a pleasant and safe tour.

Health and safety
Safety of the vessel, its crew and its passengers is top priority for SequaTours!
Passengers with any back, neck, shoulder or heart conditions, or those who are pregnant or who have injuries/conditions that may cause a risk to their health are not permitted to ride on the boat, and if so, do so at their own risk. All trips and rides are suitable for persons with normal health and fitness.
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Personal floatation devices (PFDs) are for emergency use only and are not to be tampered with. Please no standing on the seats, sitting on the railings or running on board on any SéquaTours vessel. Please dispose of trash in appropriate receptacles. Do not throw trash of any kind overboard.

A minimum of 2 passengers are required for the tours to be able to proceed. The booking is subject to availability and weather conditions.

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Itineraries and brochure information
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SéquaTours promotes ecotourism activities with natural, cultural and environmental interest. We expect the utmost respect of the natural areas and local lifestyles of the places we visit by the participants. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel an activity if we find that the client behaviour is in any way disrespectful or inconvenient.